Software Engineering

Monday, October 16, 2006

Benefits of Architectural Frameworks

If you haven't heard of architectural frameworks, then allow me to enlighten you on a fairly new concept that will save you time and energy. Architectural frameworks, also referred to as microarcheticures, are frameworks that provide software engineers with a skeleton (the architectural design) to which to add meat to (or business logic). They are typically composed of a collection of object oriented design patterns that work together and they do not impede the impede creativity. However, architectural frameworks DO TAKE THE BRAINWORK OUT of the architectural aspects of software development leaving your creative neurons fresh to think more about the other aspects of software development. Microarchitectures also promote consistency in the architectural design pattern and
rapid development.

One great example of an architectural framework is the Cairngorm microarchitecture. The Cairngorm microarchitecture is used by Flex developers to create Flex applications that are highly scalable and maintainable. Cairngorm is also developed as an open source project with Adobe Consulting as the lead. If you would like to invest in learning this architectural framework, then here is a good place to start:

Once an Architectural Framework is learned, it allows you (software engineers) to get more done with less effort.

If you know of any other good microarchitectures, then please post links to them in your comments.